What Causes Pain In The Rotator Cuff

The phrase "rotator cuff" refers to a group of four muscles that hold your shoulder in its shallow socket while larger muscles rotate it around.

The most prevalent cause of shoulder pain is rotator cuff strains and injuries, which account for 4.5 million doctor visits each year. The amount of damage caused by an injury is defined as "partial tears," "full-thickness tears," or "ruptures."

A "partial tear" means that one side of your tendon has been partially frayed. When your tendon develops a hole or slit comparable to what would be made by running a knife length-wise down a rope, you have a "full-thickness rip," also known as a "complete tear." The most serious type of injury is a "rupture," which implies your tendon has been torn in two.

How Can Rotator Cuff Pain Be Treated

In many situations, young patients who have experienced an acute tear or rupture will require surgery, while the majority of others will benefit from conservative therapy like those provided in our clinic.

Make sure you're not doing anything that hurts your neck or carrying anything heavy.

It's not a good idea to sleep on your inflamed side, especially with your arm raised overhead. Sleeping on your side that hasn't been impacted by a pillow between your arm and trunk may be beneficial. Smokers should try to quit and locate a support group, and overweight patients will recover faster if they start a diet and exercise regimen. It's extremely vital to do your exercises at home.

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