Adjustments are matched to meet your preference.

Do you need soft and gentle? We can do that. Do you need someone to "drop the hammer" and "get it moving?" We can do that. We provide a variety of techniques such as diversified manual adjusting, instrument adjusting, drop technique, sacral occipital technique/blocking, and flexion-distraction technique. Each patient is different and presents with a different condition, so why adjust everyone the same way? At Restoration Spine and Sport we tailor the technique to you.

Types of Adjusting We Utilize

Each patient and their condition(s) are unique, their treatment should match that!
Diversified Adjusting, Manual Adjusting, Spinal Manipulation

Manual/Diversified Adjusting

Drop Table, Drop Technique, Thompson Drop Adjusting

Drop Table Adjusting

Activator, Instrument Adjusting

Instrument Adjusting

Cox Flexion Distraction, Flexion


Wrist adjustment, foot adjustment, knee adjustment, shoulder adjustment

Extremity Adjusting